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Why are the spaghetti cold? :(

@MrKrysys , no it's not the drugs, I rofled too. No I wasn't high.

Mash banana was.. xD
This never gets old!


This was very strange... It is missing something, maybe because it is very short. The art and animation were very good. I like crows...
Meh.. anyway, it is just like a dream, short and senseless. |:
I would give you a lower rating, but this flash seems special, and I see you worked on it a lot.

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks, we did work on it a lot. :)


Everything is awesome, though the story might be continued. You can make something like a sequel. The art and the animation were purely epic.

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It's very nice, hard sometimes, I enjoied playing it. But at level 21 it didn't want to work, even if I pressed them in the correct order, prety fast, and saw them sticking.

Lol o.o

This is very good to release yoru anger, though sometimes it is annoying... I'd like to see more tourture chambers with more freedom.
'...Holy shit!' xD

Nice, nice!

It's soo awesome! Long live angy faic!
Oh yes, I see you misspelled the title, since in the game it's Angry faic and the title is Agnry faic... ;) AM I wrong?

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It is very good as a loop, but it would be great as a song. Those gun shots and the scratch are an awesome original idea. :)
I do not think the kick is really that bad...
What program are you using?

Meonly70 responds:

The kick has too much of a drum feel to it, and not a deep sounding bass feel.

I used FL 8 to make this one.


Nice job you did on this! Keep the good work up, I'm downloading it!

I hate avatar thiefs, especially when I edited an image for a pretty long time. :))

My favourite song :)

I totally love this song! :3

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Great work!

It's a nice concept, though a little too dark on the left side. I love the texture and details of the throne, grass and branches.
The hand seemed a bit.. off, just like the sword ( which, in my opinion, needs a bit more detail).

I hope to see a new version of this, though this is great.


It's very impressive indeed. I like the trees, because they are very detailed. It gives a dark and misterious feeling, which makes this impressive. Though the character it's a bit dark.

Good job!

Very Original

This piece shows both creativity and much much talent. You are one of the best artist I've ever saw. I would have never tought at that.
But one of those things that hold the scythe is only black. (first from left)
Those cans of beer give it a deeper feeling and more colour.
Totally awesome, I'm going to vote 5 on this everyday... :)

LaserKarl responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Im glad you liked it!

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