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Great work!

It's a nice concept, though a little too dark on the left side. I love the texture and details of the throne, grass and branches.
The hand seemed a bit.. off, just like the sword ( which, in my opinion, needs a bit more detail).

I hope to see a new version of this, though this is great.


It's very impressive indeed. I like the trees, because they are very detailed. It gives a dark and misterious feeling, which makes this impressive. Though the character it's a bit dark.

Good job!

Very Original

This piece shows both creativity and much much talent. You are one of the best artist I've ever saw. I would have never tought at that.
But one of those things that hold the scythe is only black. (first from left)
Those cans of beer give it a deeper feeling and more colour.
Totally awesome, I'm going to vote 5 on this everyday... :)

LaserKarl responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Im glad you liked it!


It's very simple, basic...
I love the wings! :) You can add more details on the main body of the ship, like thin red lines or something like that, it's up to you.
Overall it needs more details, and the shadow is a bit off.
I'll give you a 9, I like it. :)

Kinsei responds:

cool thanks, I'll look in to adding "Racing Stripes" and some other details.

I'm speechless

All of your 3d models are great, but this is incredibly detailed. It was worth working on it for 1 week. Probably the best 3d model I saw till now. What program did you use?
High five my friend!

Kinsei responds:

High Five Back Buddy!
I used 3DsMax for this model, I should go back and tweak it some more, I have already done so once, but it could use some more detail on the paint job though.


It's very nice, good job! I love the details and the shadows.
Though, looking betterI see you could have worked more on the eye and the nose is very big compared to the eye. It's awesome anyway! :)

Kinsei responds:

yeah the eyes are a little small. thanks.
I should probably do a full body of him soon.


This is too awesome. I just red that you finished it pretty fast, which seems quite impossible. You must be really talented, indeed. It seems like you are better than Johnny Utah and other famous artist. Can't wait to see more epic stuff like this. I'm envyious on you, my pencil&paper drawings seem lame compared to this, check them out if you feel like it. :3
High five for responding to each review. :)

jouste responds:

hey thanks for the kind words pal!

i first off have to say that i am in no way better than anybody. mr.utah is an incredible artist that i'll always look up too. i'm glad i've had a chance to draw stuff along side him in some cases.

thanks for the long review though, sorry it took so long to get back. but yeah, i feel that if someone took the time to write to me i can write to them!



Are you getting that quality?... Can you make a tutoria lor something? xD
Oh, by the way, would you mind if I'll use this as my desktop? :)

Hoboweasel responds:

Tutorials are a bit hard... and I don't have flash... but okay, I'll try...
And sure, go ahead. I appreciate if you used it as your desktop :D


Can say anything but this is incredible, especially for 1 hour. ._.
You got too much talent, won't you sell it? :D

Hoboweasel responds:

Thank you :D and no I probably won't sell my art unless I become a hobo soon, which is VERY likely... Hoboweasel is taking on a literal meaning past what I intended lol xD

Could do better

I can create better stuff with Paint.Net. You could add shadows, a background and umm... this looks pathetic overall, you could keep it for youself.
Anyway, it is funny.

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